Ryoji Ikeda Supercodex and Supersymmetry

Can’t believe his gig was almost two years ago. One of a scarse amount that actually do some things to you…

People at the front row tried their best to swing their shoulders to the “rhytm” putting themselves at risk of permament hearing loss. He definitely played with the edges of perception of the audience. I fetched some paper from the toilet, stuffed my ears and moved back to see, what appeared to be, an earplug club at the very back of the room.

Autechre did the same a few years back and I had to leave the venue to catch the sight of the audience from the front again when I returned. They looked drilled into their spots, as if beggining for things to change in matter of seconds and enforcing this future by an intense frozen stare at its source. This is when I learnt that earplugs are not shameful.

At the end of Ikeda my friend emerged from the front at the very end of the show, proud she had saved her face and totally drained.

This time I felt relaxed. I knew I had a choice.

Below is an exceprt from his exhibition at the Brewer Car Park in London – Supperymmetry.


Ryoji Ikeda “supersymmetry” from YCAM on Vimeo.

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