Monthly Archives: January 2015

Go to places you wish you never were, just for a visit. Burst the bubble.
I will do the same. I will bite on my chain, try and feel how you feel, to break out from my hell. Invite me for a visit, show me what you have learnt.
I will trust you can evaluate objectively and with an insight, once you find the emotions within yourself in response to the irrational wilderness humanity finds itself entangled in.
Come just for a visit, the codex should not get stained. I will trust your eyes which have seen what i have seen. I will trust we can make a deal and exchange. Dont parachute yourself in, i take it personally if you want me to change. I will rebel and resist, no one wants to be a slave. Your ways are one of plenty.Be interested and receive genuinelly. In equal measures, a natural fusion works best.

Middle east