University of Derby Graduate Winners/Format 09

Jon Hunt

“Shadow Narratives” by Jon Hunt, University of Derby BA (Hons) Photography, 2008
Photographs inspired by the suspense and use of the shadow in film noir. We project so much into Shadow; visions, fears, persons we do not know, places we have never been, situations of which we have no experience.

The narratives stem from the thoughts and feelings and emotions which have fascinated artists and storytellers from the beginning of time. Each image shows a presence and an absence. Each shadow is not completely integrated into the human personality, yet each shadow has an existence of its own.

“I want to work in revelations, not just spin silly tales for money. I want to fish as deep down as possible into my own subconscious in the belief that once that far down, everyone will understand because they are the same that far down.” – Jack Kerouac


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