Zhang Xiao

ZhangXiao“These photographs were taken in Shanxi Province in northwest China. They document the ancient customs, that originate from original pagan religious beliefs. They are the product of Ancient voodoo totem worship .In the past people used to worship the gods of religious activities. Today a number of these customs have survived to remain one of the most improtant cultural practices in the new year throughout most of Shanxi Provience northwest China. To me theirs is a world that is not real, the people have an otherworldy presence. I like those people, sometime they are better than the people i meet everyday in ‘normal’ life, like in the dream land. I always take their photograph when they are not aware of me, because I do not want to wake them up from the dream.”

ZhangXiao, male, born in 1981, shandong province, China. 2005 graduated from university of yantai architecture. After graduation has been working For Chongqing morning paper as a photographer.




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